Little France Popular Routes

We have a few routes that we do often and we have included descriptions and route maps below. This allows you to head out yourselves should you wish and also might be of interest to the other UoE Jog Scotland groups, if they are in the area.

Please don't think these are all the routes we do or that you have to be able to run this far to come with us, this is just a sample and all groups are graded meaning different speeds and distances. There is bound to be one that suits you! If you are a total beginner check out our Schedules page to see when our next Beginner's Group starts.

NameDistance & DescriptionRoute Map (opens in a new window)
Peffermill RouteUnspectacular 3 mile loop, ideal for beginners. All on tarmac.Peffermill
Walled Garden3 miles with a large proportion on trails, can be extended by re-running trail loop. Can be muddy.Walled Garden
Inch-CraigmillarAnother 3 mile loop ideal for beginners, with a section on trails.Inch-Craigmillar
Cat Run4.4 miles with a testing hill, again a proportion of trails. Can get quite wet.Cat Run
Drum Estate4.5 miles through the Drum Estate.Drum Estate
Innocent Railway4.7 miles with a section in Holyrood Park. The innocent railway section does appear to get longer every time.Innocent Railway
Meadowhead Farm5 miles, everybody’s favourite, 2.5 miles uphill and finish with 2.5 miles downhill.Meadowhead Farm
Ellens Glen5.16 miles, follows along the banks of the Burdiehouse Burn. Highly versatile when dealing with mixed abilities doing different distances.Ellens Glen
Mirror Run5.5 miles mostly tarmac with a section going through the golf course, otherwise quite urban.Mirror Run
Braids Hill6.89 miles, with the long climb up Braids Hill. Spectacular views and great excuse to stop for a breather.Braids Hill
Hermitage7 miles, one of the most scenic routes we do.Hermitage
Hunter's Bog7.35 miles, hilly route that takes in a good part of Holyrood Park. Going up Hunter’s bog is the highlight.Hunter's Bog
Mortonhall7.5 miles, a large proportion on trails. Another favourite.Mortonhall