About Us

Welcome to the University of Edinburgh's jogScotland Groups website.

JogScotland is a government-backed initiative designed to help, motivate and encourage people to get fit and stay healthy by being active. Jogging is a very effective, inexpensive and sociable way of achieving this. Everyone – students and staff – is welcome to join one of the University JogScotland workplace groups.

For complete novices, we run beginners’ sessions designed to get you started. If you already run, you will meet some good company at your level to run with. We help people to find the level of activity they are comfortable with, and then enjoy it. As and when you want to, we will help you extend this comfort zone.

Being fit and healthy gives you such a great advantage – and it’s fun too!

At each location there are jog leaders who take each group of joggers on various routes around the area and give advice. So be nice to them as they have the power to drag you up the hills. A list of the jog leaders in your area and their contact details can be found on the group location pages.

You have to hold a jogScotland bronze membership but don't worry the first year is free then an online membership costs nothing! You can find out more about the benefits of membership and how to be become a member using the link below. Alternatively jog leaders can provide paper forms.

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